Bauhaus Salon and Haus Spa · 26. October 2018
Haus Spa and Wellness is proud to announce this special project lead by one of our esthetician’s Tiffany Maggio. She has worked about a year now on bringing these wonderful treatments to Southwest Louisiana. We wanted our guests to know that coming in 2019, Haus Spa is going to be offering Oncology specific services and retail to help people fighting this terrible disease feel like the beautiful warriors they are. Read Tiffany's Story here and stay tuned for our treatment menu!
05. August 2018
Have you ever wondered where in the world the name BAUHAUS came from? It’s hard to spell and hard to pronounce, so why did Sarah Kennison choose to call her salon Bauhaus 15 years ago? Sarah first heard the name Bauhaus while studying art at McNeese State University (Geaux Pokes!). In an art history class, she learned of an art school in Germany called “Bauhaus" that was operational from 1919 to 1933. The school was made famous for its take on modern art and design using crafts and fine...