Tripeptide-R Neck Repair


Introducing Tripeptide-R Neck Repair from SkinCeuticals!

This high-performance retinol treatment is perfect for early to advanced signs of aging. 

  • Smooths visible horizontal neck lines

  • Firms neck skin

  • Reduces crepiness

0.2% PURE RETINOL Encapsulated to maintain its strength and purity, the slow-release retinol promotes collagen synthesis to firm neck skin and reduce the appearance of horizontal neck lines 2.5% TRIPEPTIDE CONCENTRATE Low molecular weight tripeptide for enhanced absorption strengthens skin's extracellular matrix to build reslilience and firm skin. 5.0% GLAUCINE COMPLEX Alkaloid found in a poppy plant species help reduced collagen-denaturing MMPs which can be released during adipocyte (fat cell) synthesisTripeptide-R Neck Repair

You can get yours HERE!

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